Shoulder Pain Treatments

When you have shoulder pain it can be a very complex situation. The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body, which means lots of things can go wrong. At Walk in Medical Center Rehab in Lynbrook, NY, we are a multi-specialty practice. We have chiropractors Dr. Kentia Jean-Charles and Dr. Louis Macolino and medical doctor Dr. Billy Hans Ford. Additionally, we have an acupuncturist and a physical therapist. 

When you combine traditional medicine with chiropractic and other holistic treatments, you are able to offer patients the widest choice of options. Both have their place in a healthy life and pain control. 

Spinal adjustment and manipulation

When your spine is out of alignment, it can cause not only back pain, but it can also cause pain and discomfort in other parts of the body. By realigning the vertebrae, it takes the pressure off of the nerves at the points where they emerge from the spine. Spinal adjustment is one of the hallmarks of chiropractic care, as is the belief that getting messages through from the brain unimpeded is necessary to have optimal performance and health. 

Physical therapy

Physical therapy is used to improve flexibility and mobility. After surgery to replace joints or to do joint repair, it is important to do the correct targeted exercises to make sure that the body can return to where it was before the surgery. After an injury, even one that doesn't require surgery, mobility and flexibility can be impaired and require the help that physical therapy can provide. Shoulder pain can really restrict the mobility of this complex joint and physical therapy can help to restore motion and reduce pain. 


Acupuncture has been around for thousands of years and this ancient Chinese therapy can help to restore the energy flow in the body. Tiny needles are inserted into the body at varying depths to help with pain by getting chi flowing freely. Acupuncture can help with many painful conditions, including shoulder pain. It also helps relieve stress and anxiety that pain can cause. 

Ice pack cryotherapy

Right after an injury occurs, most people realize that applying cold packs can reduce the amount of swelling, inflammation, and pain. But, even later, the application of cold can provide relief to the affected area. It is commonly used to provide a numbing effect which lessens pain, inflammation, and muscle spasms. 

For help with shoulder pain, you can count on  Dr. Jean-Charles, Dr. Macolino, and Dr. Hans Ford of Walk In Medical Center Rehab in Lynbrook, NY to provide the treatment that you need, both chiropractic and traditional. You can contact us at 516-341-7706 for an appointment or through the website. 

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