Flexion Distraction

At Walk In Medical Center Rehab, we have the tools and expertise to rehabilitate all sorts of injuries. One we commonly see is disc herniation, which can be rehabilitated with flexion distraction manipulation. Dr. Kentia Jean-Charles, Dr. Louis Macolino, and our other experts are very experienced in guiding patients through the best possible rehabilitation process for them. Read on to learn more about flexion distraction manipulation and how we can use this technique to help you at our Lynbrook, NY, clinic.

What is flexion distraction manipulation?

Flexion distraction spinal manipulation is a gentle form of chiropractic manipulation designed to increase space between the vertebrae. This reduces pressure in the spine and allows the nerves to function better. It's a great option to treat serious spinal conditions non-surgically. Many people who have struggled with conditions for a long time experience major changes after undergoing this treatment method. The treatment can be done manually or using a decompression table as a tool.

Who may benefit from flexion distraction treatment?

Flexion distraction treatment is most commonly used to treat herniated and bulging discs. It relieves the pressure on the discs and allows them room to heal. It is also useful in treating cases of pinched nerves, such as what is seen with sciatica. Generally speaking, any pain that involves compression and misalignment can experience great benefits from flexion distraction therapy. At Walk In Medical Center Rehab of Lynbrook, NY, our team can diagnose your condition and provide expert assistance. Dr. Jean-Charles and Dr. Macolino would be happy to meet with you and discuss whether flexion distraction therapy is right for you. 

If you believe you may have any of the aforementioned conditions, reach out to Walk In Medical Center Rehab today, or simply stop in for a visit! Our friendly and professional team will answer your questions, diagnose your condition, and set you up with a treatment plan custom fit to your needs. Dr. Jean-Charles and Dr. Macolino look forward to helping you along the road back to health.

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