Sciatica Treatments

Sciatica is a condition that results from compression or irritation of the sciatic nerve. It is a large nerve and when it hurts, it can make your life quite uncomfortable. Dr. Kentia Jean-Charles, Dr. Louis Macolino, and Dr. Billy Hans Ford of Walk In Medical Center Rehab in Lynbrook, NY, offer the benefits of chiropractic care, traditional medical care, physical therapy, and acupuncture. 

Each patient receives a personal evaluation to determine the help that will be provided. The cause of your sciatica will determine what direction the treatment will take. We offer the latest in acute and chronic pain relief, both holistic and traditional. Getting to the root of your pain is vital, and the most conservative treatments will be used before traditional medical options are explored.

Chiropractic adjustment

When the misalignment of the spine is causing irritation to the sciatic nerve, a spinal adjustment can help to relieve the pressure that is causing the irritation. By restoring movement in the lower back, your life can be greatly improved, and your pain reduced or totally gone.  


Acupuncture works by relaxing tight muscles, improving circulation, and stimulating the release of endorphins to help the body reduce pain naturally. Acupuncture uses thin needles to help to make sure that energy is flowing freely through your body. Your body has ways to help itself and acupuncture can help your body to do just that. Relaxing muscles in the back can also help remove the pressure that is being applied to the sciatic nerve. 

Physical therapy

Physical therapy is a complementary therapy to be used with chiropractic care such as spinal adjustments. Exercise can be an important part of sciatic pain relief. Physical therapy can help to get you back on your feet literally. Getting your muscles to help support your spine correctly can bring your sciatica under control. It can also train you to be able to deal with future episodes. 


Flexion distraction is performed on a segmented table that moves with the manipulation that the chiropractor is doing on your back. It adds additional stretching which can help to move the vertebrae apart, thus taking the pressure off of the sciatic nerve. It provides spinal decompression. 


Cryotherapy uses ice to help with pain. The cold constricts blood circulation and also reduces inflammation. When the cold is removed, the fresh rush of nutrient-rich blood is very healing. 

Contact Dr. Kentia Jean-Charles, Dr. Louis Macolino, and Dr. Billy Hans Ford of Walk In Medical Center Rehab in Lynbrook, NY, when you are suffering from sciatica. We can be reached at 516-341-7706 to make an appointment. 

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